The Worry Trap

During one of my coaching sessions today, the academic portion of the session ended early, and thus we moved into a refreshing talk about life. As soon as this happened, he lay down on the couch and sighed with the expression of confusion on his face.

“Coach, I feel like I’m heading into an existential crisis!”

I smiled at him, and just had some light moments after. Truth is, I was very proud of this coachee for admitting this aspect of his life. I tapped his shoulder firmly, held it and looked straight at him. “Better in college than in real life!” I told him.

He then expounded that he dreamt to be an engineer like his dad, but then eventually took up creative writing as a course. I love moments like this. It’s just so clear to me that he admired his dad so much, and I’m just thankful because this problem tends to be worse when a son doesn’t – especially when diagnosed with a condition, like Asperger’s Syndrome, in his case.

Matthew 6:25 states over and over again not to worry, but this is one of the easiest traps to fall into. As a man, I worry a little more on things like if I’m earning enough, my health, career and such. But really, is it worth it? No, it does nothing – no years, growth or such.

Yet why am I still guilty of this when certain challenges occur? God reminds me that this beloved career of mine was not of my doing, but something that the world may view as completely out of luck. But no, God meant it this way. I understand that now.

I worried one time, how my students could ever get their socialization needs given that so many of them are artists, while I tend to be haplessly left-brained. “Sure, I can help you with philosophy, theology, college algebra, but that aesthetics class is all yours!”

And yet God came through, he gave me a setting to settle them into wholesome fun with board games.

Yet I worried one time again, thinking to myself “However will I manage all of them? I’m just one guy!” It turns out many of my close friends wanted to play to. I even have multiple chances to open up the Word of God to them.

God pulled through yet again.

AND YET I still worried, ONE time, I prayed to God “I think I’ll need someone from their same course to relate to them, and it will be made.”

As I conceptualized this blog post in my head and was ready to start drafting it, a few hours before something just happened unexpectedly during a small sit down dinner with friends –  a contact from one of them, who just sent a random SMS sent a positive note that she may be available to do a hangout with my coachees!

And God will once again chain this not just into something good, but the best thing for my life. I just know it!

So why worry? God is there. When we pray, he gives it. Ask, and it will be given to you – indeed. When it is not, he gives us the chance to reflect on His word and come back to Him to know why, and realize that he only wants the best for us.

I pray that I fall less and less into this worry trap, because it does nothing. And I got the best dad up above who knows what I need and has already given it to me even before I asked it of Him.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” – Matthew 6:33 (English Standard Version)

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